Sebastian Strasser

  -  08
Mercedes - Bertha Benz

Sebastian's work has received more than 150 awards including Golds at all major festivals around the world (Clios, D&AD, LIAs, Epicas, etc.). He devotes his attention to the smallest details in stories and images. For each new film, he searches for yet-to-be discovered world-class dancers, drivers and musicians and creates groundbreaking campaigns for the likes of BMW, Heineken or Volkswagen.

Renault - The New Chapter of a Great Story

Listed in the Gunn Report’s Most Awarded Commercial Directors ranking, his recent interpretation of Bertha Benz’s story for Mercedes won 4 of his total of 16 Cannes Lions.

Audi - Zombies
Mercedes - Time to look up again
Lexus - Sparks
Vodafone - Add Power
Attawalpa - Yellow Fingers
Apparat - Trailer

An avid bookworm, we can guarantee his library is bigger than yours.