Thibaut Buccellato

  -  06
Loving - Loving

As far as he can remember, Thibaut always wanted to make films.

Since then, he has directed - and self-produced - many short films that got selected by various festivals around the world : The Space Between Us, In the Night (with actors Nash Edgerton and Isabel Lucas), The Wait (starring Ekaterina Samsonov), Someone, Somewhere (with Rebecca Dayan and Jeremy McClain). His latest project, Loving, features more than 40 talented actresses and actors of this new generation to which Thibaut belongs.

MNH - Au coeur d'un hôpital français

His style combines poetry with storytelling, as a very personal attempt to make films on feelings and emotions.

In parallel with his fiction work, Thibaut is also focusing on advertising and music videos projects.

Santé Publique France - Letter to myself
The wait - The Wait
The Space Between Us - The Space Between Us
Short Film - It's Gonna Be Okay